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1st Grade » 1st Grade

1st Grade

Welcome to 1st Grade!

Our First Grade class is a big step for our former Kindergarteners. They will transition from a group-style setting to individual desks and more diligent studies. The first grade teacher focuses on attention skills, staying on task and works conscientiously to keep the coursework interesting, challenging and stimulating. Their eighth grade buddies help encourage good manners and reinforce the importance of friendship.

"I didn't realize the best was this good." A letter from a First Grade student's parent.

Basic Curriculum

  • Reading with an emphasis on phonics and spelling
  • Math: Basic addition and subtraction concepts along with an introduction to geometry and fractions.
    • Telling time, counting money, and learning different measurements.
  • Social Studies: Learning about our country, its leaders, map skills, communities and citizens
  • Religion: Learn about God our Creator and His Son Jesus.  First Graders learn that we can be followers of Jesus and share God’s love with others.
  • Spanish Literacy with an emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural awareness.
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music


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                                  First Grade Curriculum

The following are some highlights of the year.


Language Arts

-nouns/pronouns, adjectives, verbs/adverbs


  *first word of sentences

  * proper nouns

  * “I” pronouns

  * greeting, closing of letters

-punctuation: periods, exclamation marks, question marks


   * in contractions

   * singular possessives

- write using D’Nealian manuscript upper and lower case letters

- use writing forms:

   * personal narrative

   * journal writing

   * friendly letter

- spelling: weekly lists of words based on phonograms; homophones



-Identify numerals

-addition and subtraction facts through 18

-use place value for counting and number patterns through 99- geometry:


*plane and solid shapes


-Telling Time:   to the half hour and hour


* recognition of coins and their values

* counting of like coins and some mixed coins


* identifying equal and unequal parts

* halves, thirds, fourths

- Measurement

- Addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers w/out regrouping

- Graphs, Charts, and Tables



  • Plants:
  • *the elements necessary for plant growth
  • * uses and importance of plants
  • *parts of
  • Animals: *their needs
  • *habitats
  • *animal groups
  • Earth Science: * Weather * Objects in the Sky
  • *Seasons
  • *Natural Resources
  • Physical Science:
  • * Motion    
  • * Heat, Light and Sound
  • *Matter


Social Studies


 -Rules and Laws  -Communities - Culture -Map Skills -Our Country


 - Character, Setting, Events

 - Main Idea, Details, Plot, Cause and Effect - Genres - Vocabulary, - Comprehension