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5th Grade » 5th Grade

5th Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Fifth grade is another defining moment in the life of a St. Mary’s student. Fifth grade is located on the upper floor with 6-8 grades. Maturity is a requisite trait; and responsibility for actions combined with continued spiritual development is a focus.

Basic Curriculum

  • Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Reading and Comprehension
  • Math: Includes Pre-Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, Numbers & Operations and Data Analysis
  • Social Studies—focus on U.S. History—States and Capitals
  • Science: Introduction to Earth, Life and Physical Science
  • Religion:  Focus on sharing life with Jesus through the sacraments
  • Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Art
  • Music

Welcome to 5th Grade


I want to welcome you and your children to a new school year. We have had a great start, and I am enjoying working with your children this year.


Assignment Binder:

Students write daily assignments in their agenda. Please check your student’s agenda and ask them about their day. The agenda is a way for students to take responsibility for their own learning and organization.



  • Religion

This year your child will be studying the mission of the Church and the Sacraments. There will be opportunities for family discussion, and I encourage you to talk with your child about what he/she is learning about the Catholic faith. It is also important that you share your faith experiences with your child.

  • Language

Your child will be working on writing and the mechanics of writing. They will be exploring several types of essays and will need your help as an editor and guide to help them improve their writing skills.

  • Reading

In the fifth grade we will be working on strengthening comprehension skills and strategies. We will be using both a reading basal and other reading material along with the Accelerated Reading program. It is very important that your child reads at home daily. This is the most important factor in improving reading fluency.


  • Spelling

Effective written communication is the primary objective of spelling instruction. Using a systematic study method helps students learn to spell words independently. Please make sure your children spend some time studying their word list.

A spelling word list with five or six vocabulary words will be assigned each Monday. Students will bring their word list home so that they can study for the final test on Friday.


  • Science

My goal this year is to make sure to offer at least one hands-on science activity for each unit. The topics we will be studying this year include Life, Earth Science, and Physical Science.

We will also be attending the McCall Outdoor Science School in November.


  • U.S. History

We will study geography and history of the United States. Our study will culminate in a state project.


  • Mathematics

Learning mathematics, like learning a foreign language, a musical instrument, or athletic skill, requires long term practice to develop and maintain mastery of the requisite skills. Please ask to see your child’s daily assignment and encourage her/him to explain what they have learned. Positive attitude and commitment to practice greatly improves the chances for growth in mathematics.


Students should spend at least 5-10 minutes daily reviewing basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.




I do not generally assign homework other than daily reading, math fact practice, and special projects, but if students do not finish daily work it is to be completed at home. I set aside time for students to finish work in class, so please encourage your child to use his/ her time wisely.



If you ever have any question please feel free to call or e-mail me here at school. I look forward to working with you this year.




Keith Gerard