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Choir & Band

CHOIR is an option for 4th through 8th graders. It is a no-cost, non-audition, extra-curricular school activity that is available for students who enjoy singing and want a greater challenge outside of their classroom. We sing songs in unison and parts, rounds and partner songs from a range of styles, cultures, and languages. The choir performs in the school programs and takes a few different field trips to perform throughout the year. The students of the choir are also our music representatives at the TVCS all-student Mass that is typically held in January.


BAND is an option for 5th through 8th graders. It is a no-cost to participate, no audition, activity available to any student who is interested in playing a band instrument. We have a first-year band that meets twice a week during 2nd recess and part of lunch, and they focus on the basic techniques of performing in an instrumental ensemble - watching the conductor, playing in unison and homogeneously as a group, performing parts accurately, engaged breathing, and professional presentation. We also have an advanced band that meets in the morning twice a week, and is made up of students who have played in Band for one or more years; and they continue to build on the skills established during the first year. The bands perform in the school programs and take a few different field trips to perform throughout the year.