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Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education!
St. Mary's School Physical Education Program provides appropriate instruction which maximizes an individual's potential for developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and character.  We believe that a Physical Education Program is fundamental for all students. The curriculum provides for the optimal physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and emotional development of each student.  The emphasis is on doing your best and having FUN while moving to promote a life-long love of movement, exercise, love of self, and the pursuit of health and fitness.  Character, sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation and acceptance-is taught with hands-on, practical applications.
Games and skills are developmentally and grade level appropriate.  Non-Traditional variations of traditional sporting activities are included to encourage participation instead of "winning".  Lessons progress developmentally from: simple to more complex activities; individual to partner to small groups from: non competitive to more competitive; from: activities that require little skill to more challenging activities. 
Physical Education Focuses:
  • P.E. Involves every student and meets every student at his or her level of ability;
  • Teaches character traits such as sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation, encouragement, kindness, responsibility, self-esteem, respect for others and so much more!
  • Be able to perform basic motor and psychomotor skills;
  • Learn the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles;
  • Encourage others to participate in physical activity and healthy lifestyles;
  • Exhibits strong morals, values, and character.