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Mrs. Jacqueline Lawley » 6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade, Social Studies

Mrs. Lawley,      Email:

Office Hours: Wednesday 7:20am-7:50am

Dear Parents and Students,        

                Welcome to 6th Grade! I am excited about the 2016-2017 school year and our journey into the history of the Western Hemisphere as we study topics such as geography, government, economics, and the various people and cultures.


Text- World Cultures and Geography, Western Hemisphere and Europe

Course Objectives- To build skills in the areas of geography, U.S. History, study and research strategies, thinking methods, and reading and writing. The textbook will be supplemental to the various lessons we will explore throughout the year.

Absences/Make-up Work- When returning to class after an excused absence, please correct missing work. Please check with a classmate for any notes missed. Check for any worksheets/handouts. One day for make-up work is given for each day absent. If absent for more than two consecutive days, please email for missing work so you won’t be overwhelmed when you return. Mark “Absent” on your paper when turning it in.


Grading- Tests- 30%, Daily Assignments- 30%, Quizes- 20%, Class Participation- 20%


Online Resources-